Keep your hardwood floors looking pristine by following our care & maintenance guide. 

How To Care For Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood is a low-maintenance flooring option, but by following our care and maintenance guide and establishing a routine, you can help ensure that your hardwood floors will always look their best. Follow our guide below for top tips on hardwood maintenance.

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Preventative Maintenance For Your Hardwood Floor

By sweeping your hardwood floors on a daily basis, you can help keep them looking great. Sweeping removes dirt and other debris that can scratch or harm your hardwood. You may also elect to wet-mop from time to time as well, but be wary of leaving standing water on your floor. 

Dealing With Hardwood Spills & Stains

The beauty of hardwood flooring is that if you spill a liquid on them, you can simply wipe the liquid up in a timely manner with a cloth or a towel. It's really that simple. If your spill persists, contact your floor manufacturer for an approved cleaning solution. 

For spills or messes that are solid in nature, use your broom to remove them from your hardwood floor. 

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